Kanji A. Ramji

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Kanji A. Ramji
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Born in Samaghoga

Kanji Ramji originated from Samaghoga, about 14 miles from Mundra, Kutchh.

His son Alidina was born in 1843 in Samaghoga.

Kanji Ramji set out for a journey with his 12 years old son, Alidina in 1855 and sailed from Mandvi to Zanzibar after the difficult trip of 21 days. he started a shop with the assistance of his brother Ismail Ramjee.

Alidina was confided to the care of his uncle Ismail Ramjee. Alidina slowly managed the shop.

After being satisfied that his son had mastered his profession, Kanji Ramji returned to Mundra India.