Lutfali Merali

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Count Lutfali Merali
Town of birth
  • Mombasa
Country of birth
  • Kenya
Place of longest stay
  • Mombasa
Where-City or Country
  • Kenya

Born in Mombasa

Lutf Ali Merali made his name in the printing business.

He was on the editorial of the Kenya Daily Mail, then he started his own press, called Merali Limited, which printed the Ismaili Prakash for many years.

"My kaka would go with Lutfali Merali to steamers (sometimes in the middle of the night)to bring ashore and help settle Ismaili newcomers." Sherbanu Gulamali Jina Madhavji

His outstanding services were however in the field of Building Society activities. He was first to organize and complete a project of Cooperative Building Society at Mombasa on a most economical basis in accordance with the guidance of the Imam.