Madatali Rehmtulla Rajan Nanji

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Missionary Madatali Rehmtulla Rajan Nanji
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Town of birth
Country of birth

Born in Mombasa

March 1936: This photo was taken in British Indiaon the occasion of the presentation of a casket by a group of Ismaili missionaries to His Highness the Aga Khan III to mark the occasion of his Golden Jubilee. The Casket was created and donated by ‘Senior’ Missionary Alijah Moloobhai Allarakhia Jangbarwalla. Unless otherwise noted we may assume that all the persons in the photograph are missionaries.

Picture Details:

STANDING BACK ROW Left to right: Noorali Bandali, Gulamhusein Juma, Sayyed Mohamed Shah, Jaffer Jivan, Alidina Mamu, Ebrahim J. Varteji, Tajjar Mukhi Mohamed, Damji Velji, Abdulla Esmail and Badrudin Nurmohamed.

SEATED ON CHAIRS Left to right: Meghji Maherali, Husseini Pirmohamed, Alijah Moloo Allarakhia (Donor of Casket), Chief Secretary Gulamhusein Virjee, President Alimohamed R Maklai, HIS HIGHNESS THE AGA KHAN III, President Alijah Esmail Mohamed Jaffer, Finance Secretary Tarmohamed Ravji, Alijah Sabzali Ramzanali, Jamal Virji and Hamir Lakha.

SEATED ON CARPET Left to right: Kassamali L Wadiwalla, Amirali Khudabaksh, Hajimohamed Fazalbhai, Mahmed Muradali, Madatali Rahemtullah Rajan and Juma Jiwa.

Photographed by: Golden Art Studio; Photo: Ameer Janmohamed Collection, London, UK.