Mussa Jetha

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Mussa Jetha
Mussa Jetha.png
Place of birth Kutch
Country of birth India
Place of longest stay Zanzibar
Family tree List | Extended

Born in Kutch

by Shiraz Jetha, Olympia, WA and Nizar Jetha, Calgary, AB, November 19, 2011

  • Mussa Jetha came first to Zanzibar and called his brothers Esmail, Karim and Salehmohamed over after he settled. Initially in Zanzibar, the family did well and decided to expand geographically.

Others in the Mussa Jetha family went to Mombasa, Esmail and Salehmohamed Jetha to Tanga and Karim Jetha to Dar. In time each became self-contained.