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Place of birth Lakhpat, Kutchh
Country of birth India
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Born in Lakhpat, Kutchh

Lakhpat, the oldest port of Kutchh, lying near the Indus river. had its population dropped from 15,000 to 2,500 persons in 1851 due to severe famine, and the area became almost desolated.

Thavar, the grandfather of Datoo Remu, walked down to Badin, Sind with some Ismaili Khoja families.

Later on, Thavar is reported to have gone to Muscat, located on the Gulf of Oman coast and isolated by a hill range. Thavar is believed to have worked with Baledina Asani (1802-1896).

He made Gwadar as his next home, where he died.

He was survived by three sons, and Mehr Ali was a famous figure among them, who was also called Meruani or Meru and he had three sons, Muhammad, Datoo, and Bana.