Firoz Goa

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Firoz Goa
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  • Cricketer
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Born in Dar es Salaam

CONTRIBUTED BY: Al-Nasir Kassam (Nasiro) to

What a great article! How ironic- as I was remiscing about the glory days of AgaKhan Cricket Club of Dar es Salaam with Mithoo Thawer just yesterday in JK. I am the nephew of Bapji Moorji, Nephew of Akber Moorji, Cousin of Mohamed Virji (Vichiro from the Majigo side of my family, relative of Gulu Ramji (Gulu Mapero), relative of Shiraz Sumar and Bashir Ramzan,and relative of Badru Satchu (Mtumo) from the Moorji side, As an avid fan of cricket in my Primary School days in the 60's the names of Gulu,Shera and Hasnu, Mamda Kassam, Bhamji Bros, Aloo Visram, Firoz Goa, Dulu Bha, Shiraz Sumar, Rustam Kassam, Sadru AG, Shamshu Alidina, Mandho, Fida Giga, Moon, etc. You know the names! I have witnessed the melee that erupted at Karimjee Gymkhana grounds after Mamda was called out doubtfully in a run out in ther last over against the Bohra's, the Fantastic Team chemistry of the Bohra SC with Tahir Ali and fellow team members, the awesome display of Power Cricket by Vasant Tapu fo Hindu SC, The Bumper Bowling of Pranlal Divetcha, the Crafty Batsmanship of Suresh Rawal of Cooper Motors CC, the great RD and CD Patel of Kinondhoni SC,and the names go on and on. I have even had the very rare sight of AP Haji batting, (yes that's right- AP Haji, Shiraz Haji's brother) bat when no one else was available to bat on a Mama's 11 team on a Saturday. If memory serves me right, every one expected him to be bowled on the very first pitch. He got 11 runs on his at bat. How we don't know! All I know is he was a better Tennis player than a Cricketer. Finally I have my Dad to thank for all these sweet memories that have been etched in my life. My Hero in Life- Abdul Kassam (Majigo) He was the one that took me to the matches, begining as early as 6 years old to see all these wonderful people play cricket, and allowing me to hang out at Diamond Jubilee Hall and the adjoining Tennis Courts. Oh yeah- by the way- He was one heck of a Championship Tenis Player!

Albuquerque, New Mexico (January 27th 2013)