Haji Hamir

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Haji Hamir
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  • Dukawala
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Born in Sunigra

Haji Hamir was considered to have come to East Africa at the end of 19thc. or at the beginning of 20thc.

He worked with Hirji Bhaloo briefly in Bagamoyo and Dar es Salaam, and then settled inland ,in the region of Southern Highlands, in a place called Kilosa. He had his own business. His family also continued to live in Kilosa. He had three sons Rajabali, Ahmed and Sadrudin. and daughter Labai who married Kassam Dhalla (her second marriage; her first husband had passed); Rajabali married Jenna Gulamhussein Shivji and they had a son, Abdulsultan. Jenna passed away and he remarried to Marium Kanji Nanji and had 8 children Roshanali, Gulbanu, Shamshu, Zarina, Farida, Hamida, Amin, Nasir (passed away with Heart attack)

He was in Kilosa in December 1925 when a truck accident took the lives of three Ismailis, namely Missionary Khudabash Talib who was on a waez tour, Amaldari Karmali Daya from Dar es Salaam who was accompanying the missionary and Lalji Ladha, an Iringa resident who had gone to Kilosa to receive the missionary. Mr Haji Hamir is seen in the historical photograph showing the member of Kilosa Ismaili Jamat pictured beside the monument dedicated to these three members who were bestowed with title of Shaheeds.

Haji Hamir apparently was tragically murdered (as per his granddaughter Gulbanu Badru Parpia) during the early part of Second world War. The story goes that some soldiers came to rob him of his money and he refused.