Jivraj Hamir

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Jivraj Hamir
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Born in Sinugra

JIVRAJ HAMIR by Dr. Mohamed Fazal Manji

Jivraj Hamir initially settled in Tukuyu with his brother Ladak Hamir. They were together in small business but their partnership did not last long. Ladak Hamir moved to Bagamoyo and Jivraj Hamir moved to Dar es Salaam as his brother in law Karim Janmohamed (used to be a farmer in Kutch) had settled in Dar es Salaam and had gone in to business there. Their wives were sisters.

Jivraj Hamir had 3 sons, all born in Dar es Salaam....Akber, Nurali and Kassamali. These 3 brothers unfortunately lost their parents at a very young age. They initially spent some time with their uncle Sachu Hamir but after a short time they moved back to Dar es Salaam to be under the care of their uncle, Karim Janmohamed. They were educated in Dar and Mombasa. Janmohamed's family also came from Kutch and Karim Janmohamed brother Ismail Janmohamed's wife (from Hirji Bhaloo family)was related to Hamir Pardhan's family. (information from Nurali Jivraj Hamir)

Akbar and Nurali were sent to continue their education in Mombasa and were accommodated in a private boarding house run by Mr Mohamed Premji and his wife. They stayed there for about six years. After Dar es Salaam boarding house was established, they moved back to Dar es Salaam to continue their education staying in the boarding house. They were also joined by their younger brother Kassamali who was living in Mbeya with is cousin Abdulrasul Sachu Hamir.

Akber was married to Shirin and they had a daughter Yasmin and 2 sons Aminmohamed and Zauher. Aminmohamed moved to India (his wife's relations were living in India) and Zauher has settled in Edmonton.

Nurali Jivraj Hamir, on his guardian Karim Janmohamed advice, opened a leather shop in Dar es Salaam called Tanganyika Leather Mart. Karim Janmohamed's brother had a leather shop in India. It was a successful business and they ended up constructing a nice 2 story building.

Following building nationalization by the socialist Tanzanian government, Mr Nurali and his wife Nurubai moved to the UK first for a short period and then emigrated to Montreal. Quebec Canada in 1976-1977. He got an employment in a clothing store and his wife worked in the garment factory. After retirement in Montreal in 1992, they decided to move to Toronto because their son Shiraz and their Dar es Salaam friends had settled there. Their daughter Gulshan and her husband Mirza Meghji emigrated to USA and have been well settled. Their oldest son Amir, after his education in Veterinary Science in Kenya, left East Africa and lived in Canada initially and then went to Australia and obtained his PhD in Veterinary Pathology. He 2009 joined University of Texas, M D Anderson Cancer Center Houston Texas as Professor to continue his pathology research. He passed away in 2012 in Houston, Texas.

Kassamali Jivraj Hamir, after his marriage to Roshan moved inland and open a shop in Magolein the sisal estate region. Later he moved to Kilosa. He has three children. Oldest is Aminmohamed, followed by Anisa and then Karim. The family moved to Canada and are well settled in Alberta. Anisa after her marriage to Nasir Merali Juma moved to Toronto.