Sakar Kassamali Hirji Jessani

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Mrs. Sakar Kassamali Hirji Jessani
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  • sakarfui
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  • Dukawalla Merchant
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Kamarbai Manji 18941960

Born in Dar es Salaam

Sakar was fortunate to be born in a relatively well-off family in Dar es Salaam and her parent’s generosity to others shaped her own life, even though she was not married into wealth. She had a vado haat “large hand” when she cooked meals where all family was welcomed and was always willing to give something to those less fortunate in her society.

As was custom for her times, Saker received 7 chopri class Gujarati education at the Agakhan Girls School in Dar es Salaam. At age 16, she was removed from school and was married to Kassamali Hirji Jessani, who was a recent migrant from Kathiawar.

With her husband, Sakar ran a small clothing store across the main market in Kariakoo. She was considered smart in vepar business, having learnt from her mother, Kamar Bai Gokal Versi (also called "Mama Manoti") at her store on Msimbazi Street, Dar es Salaam,

Majormaa and Volunteers with Mukhiani Zehra Akber Lalji Samji and Kamadiani Shirin Badrudin K Karsan - Darkhana Dar es Salaam.png

Sakar and other Volunteers with Majarmaa Sakar Hassanali Bandali & Mukhiani Zehra Akber Lalji Samji and Kamadiani Shirin Badrudin K Karsan - Darkhana Dar es Salaam

Sakar also raised 6 children, some of whom eventually settled in the UK, Canada, and the USA.

In 1985, she and her husband joined their children in Calgary, where she got to be well known as an excellent cook. In Calgary, Sakar also raised her granddaughter, Salima.

Sakarbai died in Calgary, Canada.